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an unexpected gift

stain glass Sometimes good things happen that are totally unexpected. Such is the case with the following story..

Last October, Evelyn Reyes- Umaña, one of Bodega Del Sur’s owners, was working at the tasting room when a gentleman and his wife approached her, introduced themselves as Pat and Bob Giorni, and complimented her on the Bodega Del Sur label. She was flattered but not surprised by the comments, as a number of people have mentioned how much they like the artistry of the design.

Then Bob asked, “Would it be all right if I made a stained glass window based on your label design?”

“Uh, sure” was the only reply Evelyn could muster.

With that he took out a tape measure and proceeded to measure the front window. Evelyn didn’t think about it again until a few months later when she got a call from Bob asking if she remembered him.

the gift Bob Giorni and Evelyn Reyes-Umaña,co-owner of Bodega Del Sur

Eventhough she meets lots of people, Evelyn remembered Bob Giorni because he was such a nice man, with such an unusual request.

“Your window’s ready. Would you like to see it?”, he asked.

Evelyn’s first thought was “What in the world have I gotten myself into now?”

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