Don’t Forget The Library!

Another benefit of being a free wine club member……. We’re always checking on our lovely library wines. How are they coming along? How do they compare to our current releases? Were our predictions right or are we surprised by the wines as they age? Every month, we’ll highlight one of our library wines to let you know what we’ve discovered.
This month, we’ve rediscovered our Syrah. The 2007 & 2008 have hit that perfect balance. Still beautiful fruit but now we’re tasting more of the spices, the tobacco, the chocolate, the vanilla. It will still pair well with bold, spicy food but it’s just as amazing on its own.
Our library wines are only available to our club members so join the club. It’s free to join and you get a discount on ALL the wines in your initial purchase, even the wines we never discount; our library wines, our Carmesi blend and our Dia de los Muertos blend.
What else comes with a wine club membership? Complimentary tastings for up to four people, priority access to new and limited release wines, special pricing on events and our wine club newsletters.
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