Tasting Room Full Story

A visit to the Bodega del Sur tasting room is an experience of its own. After purchasing the winery, Evelyn realized very quickly the first thing to be done was to create a tasting room with an atmosphere that complemented the flavors and texture of the wine. Scraping off the four old layers of wallpaper and painting inside and out wasn’t enough. She wanted something special to build around and create a perfect setting. Thus came the cocuchas. The cocuchas come exclusively from the remote Purepecha Indian village of Cocucho, Mexico. Each piece is hand formed without the use of a wheel, mold or mechanical device. The colors and textures are unique and created when the artist uses a cornmeal solution to splash on each piece before it is charcoal fired. The villagers were originally taught the method for making the pots more than 300 years ago. It was a method the monks learned in Africa and that fitted the local resources. The pots were originally used for storing grain and water.  Now they are pieces of art.

With the cocuchas in place, a copper-clad bar was fashioned to rest — carefully — upon them.  Then, to light the room, Evelyn designed and commissioned a wrought iron fixture to hang above the bar.  It was also produced in Mexico and is set off with blown glass light shades in the shape of poppies.

In 2010, something special was added to the tasting room. It was an unexpected gift, a beautiful stain glass window. Read more about this unexpected gift by clicking here.