An Unexpected Gift

Sometimes good things happen that are totally unexpected. Such is the case with the following story…

An Unexpected Gift

It was October, Evelyn Reyes- Umaña, one of Bodega Del Sur’s owners, was working at the tasting room when a gentleman and his wife approached her, introduced themselves as Pat and Bob Giorni, and complimented her on the Bodega Del Sur label. She was flattered but not surprised by the comments, as a number of people have mentioned how much they like the artistry of the design.

Then Bob asked, “Would it be all right if I made a stained glass window based on your label design?”

“Uh, sure” was the only reply Evelyn could muster.

With that, he took out a tape measure and proceeded to measure the front window. Evelyn didn’t think about it again until a few months later when she got a call from Bob asking if she remembered him.

Even though she meets lots of people, Evelyn remembered Bob Giorni because he was such a nice man, with such an unusual request.

“Your window’s ready. Would you like to see it?”, he asked.

Evelyn’s first thought was “What in the world have I gotten myself into now?” But any hint of apprehension evaporated when Evelyn visited Bob and Pat’s home to view this fabulous piece of art which turned out to be a gift.

It happens that Bob and Pat are both artists.

“His home is absolutely beautiful and is a work of art in its own,” according to Evelyn. “I can’t even begin to describe everything that is there. Entering the bathroom is like being under water. There are stained glass fish and the most beautiful stained glass door you’ve ever seen.” Throughout the home Bob’s works of art are captivating, exhibiting expert craftsmanship as well as a sense of humor, and Pat’s exquisite needlework adds another dimension to the beauty of the home.

Evelyn was overwhelmed. “He was incredibly kind to us. Not only did he give us this wonderful piece of art, but he offered to visit Murphys in order to install it in the tasting room. Being in business these days can be very stressful, but moments like this give us so much encouragement and motivation. We feel thankful, fortunate and blessed with the support we have received.”

Many of you know the story of the label which Bob re-created in glass. It shows the face of the goddess of wine. We feel she is out there guiding our steps, and making sure we continue to get blessings from special people like Bob and Pat.

A huge thank you to them both!
You can view the stained glass window in person at our tasting room. Some of Bob’s other works can been seen by visiting this website:

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