About Carmesi

Dia de los Muertos special edition label only available during the Fall each year.
Carmesi is a Spanish word that literally means “crimson, bright red, somewhat darkened with blue; purple”. Its use in naming our wine goes back to the imagination and dreams of a 10-year-old girl in El Salvador. To me, it meant to wonder, delight, fantastic mystery. It was a word I heard in music and read in poetry. It was a word I fell in love with. So, when the time came to name our new red wine, the “word” and a fantastic idea came to life.The word “Carmesi” not only described this mysteriously, romantic, red wine with just a hint of blue, it was a perfect word to use in honoring the memories of my mother and mother-in-law – two very important women in my life.
Thus, the first vintage of Carmesi carried a composite image of these two women and was named for them – Maria Alicia. But why limit it to these two women? Why not honor all those strong women who have inspired and made an impression on all of us? Just as poets and songwriters have been honoring noble women with their poems and music over the centuries, Bodega del Sur wants to honor them with their wine.The era I chose to depict on the labels is approximately 1900 to the 1930s; a time when women were asserting themselves and making their strengths known. As the blend changes, different women will adorn the Carmesi label.


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